Optimization of Family Scheduling as Elderly Caregivers in Senior Care Center (S-Care)

Raudha Ilmi Farid, Dwi Nurviyandari


Objective: This paper aims to give an overview of an application program to assist elderly care by gerontological nursing specialist.

Methods: Observation, literature search and analysis were conducted to develop the early plan of the elderly care application program.

Results: Indonesian people hold strong Eastern culture and regard the family as a direct caregiver for the elderly. The family needs to be empowered to optimize their role performance in caring for their elderly family member. Senior Care Center is an idea for gerontological nursing specialist to support such empowerment.

Conclusion: To assist the family caregiver in caring for elderly people, Senior Care Center could be an alternative program.


Keywords: elderly, family caregiver, gerontological nursing, scheduling

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