“Lek Tebe” as an innovative media of health promotion to raise the awareness of Indonesian people on tuberculosis

Riski Ari Fitriyani, Wahyu Setiyowati, Naufalia Zulfa Ad’hania


Objective: This study aimed to develop “Lek Tebe as the innovative media of health promotion to raise the awareness of Indonesian people on Tuberculosis.

Methods: Literature review was performed in this study. We searched ProQuest database, governmental and non- governmental organisation reports, and international surveys to identify full- text review articles published in 2006- 2016, in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Search terms included “tuberculosis”, “health promotion media”, and “Tuberculosis prevention”. 

Results: Health promotion regarding tuberculosis included the following slogans: knowing the nature of TB, recognising signs and symptoms of the disease, examining those who are at risks, treating those who are diagnosed, avoiding the transmission to others, and creating a healthy environment. Lek Tebe as the proposed media for health promotion would integrate the easy-to-understand messages regarding tuberculosis and its slogans. Lek Tebe, equipped with visual and audio features, is the robotic media that could be placed in visible public spaces. The development of Lek Tebe requires collaborative efforts between nurses, programmers and technicians.

Conclusion: Lek Tebe is the alternative media for health promotion reagding tuberculosis. We suggested community nurses to cooperate with related professionals to develop and implement the use of Lek Tebe in their healthcare facilities.

Keywords: Lek Tebe, health promotion, tuberculosis.

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