Nurses’ roles in improving mentalhealth of overweight and obese young women in Jabodetabek

Malehah Khoeronisa


Objective: Overweight and obesity have been steadily evolving around the globe. These health problems would give consequences to physical and psychosocial dimensions of the affected individuals. They could lead to various chronic diseases such as heart problems and cancers. Furthermore, they could give adverse effects to mental health, ranging from low self- esteem to depression. This study aimed to explore the roles of nurses to improve mental health of overweight and obese young women.

Methods: The design of the study was qualitative. Data were collected by having in- depth interviews to five participats that represented five different areas of Jakarta, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi. Participants were recruited with the inclusion criteria of females, aged 18 to 22 years old, with BMI above 24, resided in Jabodetabek for minimum 5 years or temporarily domiciled for minimum 1 year, and agreed to participate in the study.

Results: Results of our study found that participants had correct understanding about the causes of overweight and obesity, but could not differ overweight from obesity. They reported self image dissatisfactions, were willing to lose weight but did not know how to deal with their weight issues.The findings also demonstrated the presence of negative opinions coming from family that could damage the intact of their self esteem. They reported the needs of being listened and respected, and believed that nurses attitudes could help them in building positive self image and fulfilling their needs.

Conclusion: Our study emphasized the roles of nurses in addressing the psychological needs of overweight and obese women through psychotherapies, including cognitive behavior and interpersonal therapies. We suggested the enhancement of nurses competences in caring patients with overweight and obesity, particularly in improving their mental health.


Keywords: mental health, nurses, obesity, overweight.

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