The enhancement of Indonesian nurses capacity to face global health challenges

Nuikita Wachid


Objective: Nurses as an integral part of the health system play a pivotal role in the global health. They could be a great resource to engage in various global, and multi-professional actions. Nevertheless, there are barriers that hinder their capacity in contributing for global health, particularly in language and clinical competences. This study aimed to identify strategies for the improvement of nurses capacity in facing global health challenges.

Methods: Literature review was performed in this study. The search strategy from the database of ProQuest, as well as Google scholars, and the official websites of WHO, Ministry of Health and Indonesian e- library was conducted with the following key words: “nursing and global health”, “global health challenges” and “Indonesia nurses problems and qualities”

Results: Some reviews discussed about the need for improving the nurses’ language capacity as a part of culturally sensitive care. The reviews suggested learning strategies that could cover the skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The reviews also suggested distance learning to reach greater nurses outside the classrooms. Other articles highlighted the needs for the enhancement of clinical competences. The articles further indicated Clinical Skill Labs (CSL) as the learning facility that help nurses to develop nursing competences and professionalism. The articles also mentioned about the integration of patient centerd care in the nursing curriculum. Last, some articles presented about the importance of international internship exchange programs that could help nurses particularly in experiencing global health issues and analysing the potential problem solving for specific problems in global health.

Conclusion:  Strategies to prepare nurses in facing global health challenges included the development of learning methods to improve nurses’ language competences, skill labs and patient- centered care curriculum, and participation in international internship exchange programs.

Keywords: Competences, global health, Indonesia, nurses.  

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