Quality of Life of Elderly People

Mega Tri Anggraini, Renata Komalasari


Objective: To identify quality of life of elderly in Kampung Cijengir

Methods: This descriptive study used purposive sampling technique with inclusion criteria: 1) Age 60-74 years old, 2) Domicile in Kampung Cijengir, 3) Being able to Speak and understand Indonesian language, 4) Not having a hearing loss or any other conditions that hinders participation. There were total of 99 respondents that was measured for their quality of life by using WHOQOL–BREF instrument of the Indonesian version.

Results: There were more than a half of the elderly who had a good physical health (63.6%) and good social relationship (61.6%). A slightly higher proportion was better (53.3%) in environment and psychological domain with 53.3% and 51.5% respectively.

Conclusion: While quality of life of the elderly was good on physical and social relationship domain, environment and psychological domain have no satisfying result. Further research to explore association between demographic characteristics and quality of life is recommended.

Keywords: Aging, elderly people, quality of life

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