The higher level of health literacy among health students compared with non-health students

Pipit Lestari, Hanny Handiyani


Objective: To compare the health literacy among health students to non-health students and theirĀ  related factors.

Methods: This study used cross-sectional design with comparative analysis. The samples were 436 students of Universitas Indonesia. Health literacy was measured by using Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ)

Results: The results showed that health students have higher health literacy level than non-health students have (p <0.001). However, all groups of student did not achieve satisfying level of health literacy (score <80% of HLQ total score). The frequency of access to online health information has a significant relationship with the level of health literacy. A student with higher level of health literacy tends to use a reliable source of health information.

Conclusion: Improving online health information seeking skill and providing quality sources of health information may help to increase health literacy level among all group students to reach an optimum level.

Keywords: health information, health literacy, health student, non- health student

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