Knowledge Level of Tuberculosis Treatment Supporters

Nadia Prahesti Amalia, Tuti Herawati


Objective: Tuberculosis has been the major burden particularly in the low and middle countries. Indonesia as the second highest TB prevalence in the globe needed to take immediate actions to reduce the cases. TB treatment support is one of the most recommended strategies to help patients to complete their treatment and to prevent them from treatment interruption. This study aimed to identify the knowledge level of tuberculosis treatment supporters.

Methods: Our study was cross sectional descriptive study, involving a purposive sample of 49 respondents.  The inclusion criteria were individuals, either females or males, during productive age, have been becoming the TB treatment supporters and agreed to participate in the study.

Results: The results revealed that supporter’s knowledge was the highest on the transmission mode of tuberculosis (93.8%) and the lowest on TB examination (68.6%). In addition, they comprehend most about their role to provide conseling to their patients and famiy (98.6%) and comprehend least about their role to identify the side effects of TB drugs (53.6%)

Conclusion: The knowledge of tuberculosis treatment supporters varied on different topics. We suggested  supervision, regular trainings and monitoring of the TB treatment supporters for the success of the patient treatment.

Keywords: knowledge, treatment supporters, tuberculosis.

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